Just like a washing machine helps us wash our clothes, finding the proper learning and educational tools can help make learning (and teaching) easier! Sure, you can clean and dry your clothes by hand, but having a machine to soak, agitate, rinse and spin away the dirt makes the whole process more efficient, and our clothes are cleaner than if we had done it by hand.

Help boost your kids' learning with some of my favorite tools! These are tools that I use to help children learn to read, write and more. I've tested them each and have recommended them to others with positive feedback. Now, I'm putting my seal of approval on them for you, too.

Learning Tools for Kids, Parents & Educators

These are NOT my products or part of my business, just tools that I really like. If you click any of the following links and decide to purchase, I may receive a portion of the company's proceeds. When this happens, I use this money to continue searching for more valuable tools, improving the site, and expanding my resources to help you.

please note:

Open Ended Play Favorites

Window Bird Feeder

One of my all time favorite purchases. We love being able to see the birds up close. This would be a great gift for anyone! 


This activity table for toddlers is loaded with tons of sensory play action for your little ones!

3-Wheeled Scooter

This lightweight and lean to steer design, makes riding a scooter fun and easy for kids to play with.

Favorite Writing Tools


This wood letter tracing board allows children to practice handwriting and proper letter formation.


This is such a fun and unique way for your child to practice writing skills. 


These giant magnetic letters are a great hands-on way to teach upper and lowercase letters.

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