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3 Reasons Your Beginning Reader Should be Reading Decodable Text

First off, let’s start with… “What is decodable text?”   Books are books, right?   Wrong!   There are tons of really great books out there, some that even claim to be “Phonics” books, “Early Reader” books, “Level 1” books…but an early reader should be practicing their skills while reading books containing decodable text. Decodable text is simply […]

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A Reading Program to Set Your Child Up for Success

Whether you're a parent trying to give your child a head start or you're trying to help them catch up, this online reading program is intended to help your child build a firm foundation to learn to read in less than 15 minutes a day. No matter where you're at in the learning process, your child can excel in reading and spelling! 

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Can’t Kids Just Play?

Can’t we just let kids play?  Our educational system is consistently pushing unrealistic expectations on our children, especially in reading instruction.  Just because a child is in kindergarten, does not mean that we should be expecting them to read.  There are SO many foundational literacy skills that need to be mastered before learning to read, […]

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